My name is Dale and I started gaming on PC back in the 90's. My first PC game was Quake2 and though I loved the single player aspect, it really took off for me when I played a little map called Q2DM1 "The Edge". That map was by far the best map I ever played and to this day I remember getting the double jump down pat and listening to the maps sound queues, to tell where my competition was. This game MADE me learn WASD and NOT use the arrow keys Fast forward to 2005 and I picked up a gem of a game called World of Warcraft, where I ended up meeting my amazing wifey of now 14 years. Originally from Adelaide, AU, I moved to USA and have been here ever since, gaming with her. We play MMO's, FPS and a variety of other games. I started to stream seriously as of 2020 and since I am already playing the games I miles well share it with you guys and meet new friends!



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