Red Circuit was founded in April 2020 by a team of like-minded streamers who decided to work together. They are constituting the Core Team: BojTheBoj, BoldViking, ChurchOrganist, Haphollas, Wazations and Xelie. In addition to the team, Red Circuit has a non-creator administration group who are dedicated to help develop and apply ideas related to the team's life and progression. As the creators are all working together, Red Circuit has a special focus on teamwork between the creators, which also includes things that happen behind the scenes like game prospection, creator support tools and a centralized Discord Server for networking and discussions.

We have grown since the initial founders created the team, and the team focuses on building a shared community. We are willing to add more like-minded people to the team, to diversify the content that the team provides, and also to span as many time zones as possible all around the world. And, while the team initially focused on streaming on Twitch, we now also have several members who focus more on creating content for YouTube, and members who focus on both Twitch and YouTube, so we are present on both Twitch and YouTube.

Our group organizes, hosts, and participates in regular events throughout the year, centered around the main games played by team members, and being open to our community members if possible when these events involve multiplayer. Several Red Circuit members also regularly participate in the HotPotato events, and these events are a model for some of the events we make ourselves, to challenge both our creators and our community members.

You can expect a diverse community, with both low-key chill streams and more high-key energised streams being present in the community - and there's a lot of diversity in the games played by our creators. Do not hesitate to check us out - you will find all our Team Members and Associates in the menu above, as well as both past and future events.

Red Circuit Discord Server: https://discord.red-circuit.org
Red Circuit Twitch Team Page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/red_circuit
Red Circuit Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/RedCircuit