Red Circuit have been created by the end of April 2020 by a team of likeminded streamers that have decided to work together. They are constituting the Core Team: BojTheBoj, BoldViking, ChurchOrganist, Haphollas, Wazations and Xelie. In addition to the streamer team, they have consitituted a non-streamer administration group that is dedicated to help them think, develop and apply ideas related to the team life and progression. As the streamers are also willing to work all together, there is a special focus on developping mutalization accross streamers for off-stream work: game prospection, tools for streamer support and centralized Discord for networking and discussions.

In addition to founders members, the team is willing to build a shared community and add more likeminded team members so that Red Circuit is able to provide diverse content at any time, all around the world. This community construction is also driven by regular events organized by the team, centered on team members main games and open to all communities when multiplayer is possible, or for challenging streamers on the HotPotato basis!

In any case, expect chilled streams around building simulation games such as Factorio or Rimworld but not only! Don’t hesitate to check team members, you will most probably find a content that will entertain you!