The weekend is here, got any plans? Going to play Factorio for about 25 minutes again, then realise the sun is rising already? Or do you just want to play Factorio with a few friends?

You may remember reading this - and you are right, Red Circuit is back with their will to melt their server CPU!

Join us for the Molten Silicon event where our only objective is to get as many players onto the same server as possible and launch a rocket. There will be something for every player to do, from building the base to clearing biters with other Red Coats. Our true enemy will probably be ever present as well, so we’ll need some of you to join our Lumberjack team!

So if you’ve got a few hours to spare this weekend, and want to try and help break the previous record of 521 concurrent players, please join our server at 2pm UTC on Saturday 17th of October. You can easily identify it, because it’ll be the largest server running!

Event is finished

Confirmed Team Members

Boldviking ChurchOrganist Dr_Doof Haphollas JD_Plays NIronwolf Wazations Xelie

Confirmed Associated

jess gaming

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